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Last date for GST Enrollment at GST Portal (www.gst.gov.in) extended upto 30 Apr. 2017

Dated 31st March, 2017

Last date for GST Enrollment at GST Portal (www.gst.gov.in) extended upto 30 Apr. 2017The Government has launched new GST portal/ website www.gst.gov.in exclusively for GST. Existing Taxpayers of VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise, etc. (registered upto 31 Jan. 2016) have been advised to enroll at GST portal at the earliest. However GST enrollment of subsequent registrants (i.e. cases registered from 1 Feb. 2016 onwards) has not yet started.

The GST portal has advised for enrollment of users, i.e. updation of profile information and uploading of certain documents, for smooth transition to GST. Provisional ID and Password for enrollment shall be provided by the respective VAT/ Tax Office to the dealer/ taxpayer in advance, in line with the enrollment schedule of respective states, e.g. DVAT Communicates Provisional User ID and Password for Migration to GST.

Steps for Existing taxpayers registered under Excise, Service Tax and State Tax Laws such as VAT, Entry Tax, Luxury Tax and Entertainment Tax, those who received SMS/ E-Mail with Provisional ID and Password, to enroll with the GST Common Portal using Provisional ID and Password:

It may be noted that User enrollment at GST Portal should not be construed as completion of GST Registration in itself. This exercise is for updation and validation of data of existing taxpayers registered with various tax authorities for use at GST Network (GSTN) post implementation of GST.

Revised Plan of GST User Enrollment (State-wise) at GST Portal

The last date or deadline for enrollment with GST portal for dealers (registered upto 31 Jan. 2016) is now extended upto 30 Apr. 2017 for all taxpayers registered under VAT, Service Tax, Excise or any combination thereof. Now taxpayers can check status of their application for GST enrollment/ registration. Further, enrollment process has not yet opened for subsequent registrants (i.e. those registered from 1 Feb. 2016 onwards).

Revised Schedule of the users enrollment/ activation at GST Portal for various states:

State Start Date End Date
Puducherry 8-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Sikkim 8-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Maharashtra 14-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Goa 14-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Daman and Diu 14-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 14-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Chhattisgarh 14-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Gujarat 15-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Odisha 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Jharkhand 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Bihar 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
West Bengal 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Madhya Pradesh 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Assam 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Tripura 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Meghalaya 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Nagaland 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Arunachal Pradesh 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Mizoram 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Manipur 30-Nov-16 30-Apr-17
Uttar Pradesh 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Jammu and Kashmir 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Delhi 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Chandigarh 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Haryana 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Punjab 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Uttarakhand 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Himachal Pradesh 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Rajasthan 16-Dec-16 30-Apr-17
Kerala 1-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
Tamil Nadu 4-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
Karnataka 1-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
Telangana 1-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
Andhra Pradesh 1-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
Enrolment of Taxpayers who are registered under Central Excise Act but not registered under State VAT 7-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
Enrollment of Taxpayers who are registered under Service Tax Act but not registered under State VAT 25-Jan-17 30-Apr-17
New registration under VAT/ Service Tax/ Central Excise after January 2016 Not Yet Started Not Yet Started

It may be noted that revised deadline/ last date for enrollment with GST portal for dealers registered under VAT (all states), Excise, Service Tax or any combination is now extended upto 30 Apr. 2017.

Source: caclub.in