GST Impact Analysis

Businesses need to adopt a structured approach to prepare for the transition. Broadly, BT Team would assist the businesses in adapting appropriate approach by encompassing the following services:

  • BT Team would overview assessment of different business functions and operations in order to make you better prepared for transition.
  • BT Team would be engaged in mapping the impact of the GST on the CENVAT Credit and Input Tax Credit available with the company.
  • Analysing pre-GST stock of goods and pre-GST credit. Studying implications of the change on the organizational cash flows.
  • Detailed Impact analysis of GST keeping the tax implications and cash flow of the company in mind.
  • Impact study would involve mapping the ‘Current’ scenario, and assessing the fiscal and other impacts of GST and analysing the ‘Future’ scenarios in relation to procurement, manufacturing and distribution processes.
  • Drawing up fresh contracts for procurement/sales, revising the tax clauses in contracts especially long-term ones and analysing tax clauses on appointed date for ascertaining the additional tax cost under GST.
  • Identifying various aspects that would need to be intimated reconfirmed with the contracting parties.